Saturday, 26 November 2011

Burst of Sunlight — more VTES artwork.

I decided to have a go at some more VTES artwork and taking into account the lessons I learnt from the last card. I spent quite a bit more time on this one, but I'm very happy with the results:

Although I got caught up in the detail (like the last card) this time I was able to ensure that the image was striking and would scale well by using plenty of contrast (including colours). Again I used Sketchbook Pro on the iPad — I'm happy with the process, it has quite a natural feel to it (you don't really get more hands on) and I doubt I'm going to bother with a tablet. For those interested here's an overview of the process:

I start with a loose form that represents the essence of the image, from there I refine the focal point by adding detail and honing the overall form. At this stage I thought it important to tend to the backdrop, ensuring it and the character interact well and are balanced. Colouring came next followed by final detailing. For reference here's the current and past artwork.

For reference here's the three versions of the card:

I've decided I'm definitely going to submit some work to the VEKN — I've always preferred the darker intense artwork in VTES and hopefully this is the direction that they intend to go with the forthcoming set...

I would appreciate any feedback — thanks.


  1. I did think there was another one that was literally "Brick + Window = Burning Fun"... but of course that may just be 'chatter' in my playgroup. We do love calling "Burst of Sunlight" "Brick through the Window"

  2. It looks great on screen, but you might need to sharpen the edges a bit for a small card, to avoid the Drew Tucker effect.

  3. The "Drew Tucker effect" — care to elaborate?

    I've done some googling and see that he's a prolific card artist, but can't deduced the effect you're talking about. The cards I viewed seem to scale well?