Thursday, 1 March 2012

V:EKN VTES Set — Detailed Insight

One of the members of the design team (Jeff Kuta) has posted a detailed breakdown of the progress and some of the issues regarding creation of the new VTES set. The post reveals quite a lot of frustration, but this degree of openness can only be a good thing. It's quite a long post — but is well worth the read...

Important facts about the first V:EKN set in development

UPDATE — a response from the V:EKN: Open Letter to Jeff Kuta - From the IC


  1. I don't agree it's a detailed breakdown, because there is a lot of info missing.
    I also don't think it is a good thing because it forces the VEKN to deliver a statement that will brake the NDA, it is done in a coercive way, it will divide us more, it will create flamewars for months and gives bad image of the game organization to outside viewers.
    No need to post it on Board Game Geek.

    Also, I suspect he might be biased and wrong about some of the "facts".
    No going back there. Harm is already done.

    1. Yes — perhaps a detailed insight would've been a more accurate subject.

      Of course it's only one persons perspective — however it's a very well structured statement that lacks malicious intent. It may bruise a few egos but the post appears to work for the greater good of VTES — it definitely does the poster no favours.

      I suspect the negative impact will be small and overall this will lead to a healthy improvement to VTES...

  2. Yet everything he said is likely to be true. Almost all the events he discusses occurred as email messags, so it can be confirmed or not.