Thursday, 6 December 2012

London League — Week four

Couldn't make it this week as I got hit by a nasty cough.

Thankfully Matt and Mike reported the results of the games and took some notes — thanks guys. I reworked the text here and there — but it's essentially their reports...

Game one (thanks Matt)

MattGiovani Wraiths00.52
FernandoClassic Lawfirm12.510
NorbertStanislava and friends013
NikiSpell of life013
MikeShattering Crescendo001
Highlights include parity shift wrestle between the Lawfirm and Animal Rights decks. Nick gets his mummies out!!! Mummies deafened by the rising crescendo from Mike. The wraiths slowly bleed for one each turn hoo harr!!
Come to me Stanislava

Violette Prentiss —a 4 cap justicar tempted Stanislava with her greater power almost ousting Norbit. Norbit clings on a single pool to pay back at the end of his turn. Norbit attempts to govern down and is di'ed so he follows with a political strangle hold to gain 9 pool! He lives.

Mummies oust the sputtering crescendo  Mummies rush back at Ingrid Rossler but are mystified by the 5 combat ends played against the 5 rushes . Lawfirm ousts animal rights deck Giovanni wraith stay out of the whole affair.

Game two (thanks Mike)

NorbertCryptic mission001
FernandoClassic Lawfirm00.52
NikiGangrel Toolbox00.52
MattPalla Grand00.52
MikePanders Inceptor01.54

Matt cancels Mike's first two legacy of panders (and probably kills his game). In return Mike removes Matt's first Foundation Exhibit and cancels his next with Bleeding the Vine (probably kills half his game).

Niki blocks Fernando's first govern down — Majesty. Norbert plays Ossian, Vampiric Disease on Wilhelm Waldburg and delays Mike's first two Kine Resources Contested.

Fernando parity shifts Niki. Mike deals with Fernando to play two Kines.
Fernando successfully golconda's Wilhelm Waldburg with a second after the first is washed.

Violette Prentiss the Justicar goes torpor — leaving Fernando with just two votes. Mike convinces Niki to support his Legacy of Pander, it passes and Mike ousts Norbert shortly before the table timed out.

Current Standings:

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