Wednesday, 20 February 2013

London League — quick recap

Have had a hectic start to the year, so time for posts is limited. There's a tournament in London on the 23rd of February and we will restart the league afterwards. So only a month or so left for scoring points in this one guys!

A few of us played an odd tournament over the weekend. It was very low scoring — so much so that the final was cancelled and another round added. Well done to John Best for winning with 1GW 3VP!

Here are the results for the games over the last couple of weeks:

MikeTzimisce Bleed00
KeAching Beauty41
NikkiNosferatu + Blood Brothers00
NorbertNosferatu Royalty00

KeSalubri Anntibru00
MikeTzimisce Vote00
NorbertNosferatu Royalty41
NikkiSetite Vote00

BorisWeenie Pre10
MikeNadima & Friend00
FernandoClassic Lawfirm00
NorbertGlobtrix Wall00
KeMata Hari Turbo00

NikkiGargoles + Ian Forrestal00
FernandoClassic Lawfirm
KeMata Hari Turbo10
NorbertRavnos Breed00
BorisLow-cap aus + pot10

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