Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Counting cards? — No thank you.

So call me lazy, call me un-disciplined — but after playing and designing decks on Lackey, I'd find that when building them in real life I'd get card creep and end up with more than 60 cards. I also got tired of counting the cards each time I made changes to physical decks, so I thought I'd try find a solution.

I came up with the below PDFs:

Essentially each A4 sheet holds 30 cards (60 cards on the A3 version) and as you add cards to the deck you lay them on the sheet by priority or card type — simples. It may seems pedantic but I tried it last night when prepping for the Danish ECQ and it worked really well — it seemed to provide a better feel for the deck.

You can download the PDF's here:

     A4 (30 Cards) or A3 (60 Cards)

Let me know if you find them useful...


  1. Good, but it would work better upside down. In order to see the title of the cards once the sheet is filled, you must fill the columns from top to bottom to bottom. So when you put on a card, the top of its frame on the sheet is hidden by the previous card, it is the bottom that could be visible.

    Just turn the sheet upside down, try to use it and you will see what I mean.

  2. I had to pause for a moment to think about what you meant — but then clicked. PDF's updated, great suggestion...