Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bringing Order to Chaos — sorting out the cards.

I spent a large part of the weekend sorting out my collection. After asking around for ideas on how to do so I believe I reached a balanced approach without having to head down the meticulous A-Z approach (not a realistic solution for myself).

Essentially I've broken down my cards by discipline and then when warranted: action, reaction, combat, ally etc... this allows for  granularity when required and "just a bunch of cards" for disciplines that I don't carry much of.

I wanted a quick way of spotting and scanning through cards. So I created a template for all of the disciplines, clans and master card types. The great thing about this approach is that a) I can create / print new separators as needed and b) I can "flick" through the cards as if it was a record or heaven forbid a CD collection which is very quick and convenient. You can download the PSD template here.

I ordered a large number of smaller (500 - 1600) cardboard boxes to store the cards in smaller more manageable groups (versus large boxes of 5000). Unfortunately the small boxes are landscape oriented which means they don't work with the separators I've created. So for the time being I'll still have to use some of the unwieldily 5000 boxes.

The end result is really functional and as a bonus also looks great. Hopefully it'll help things along in terms of deck building — no doubt I'll still experience those "where is that card!" moments...

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