Sunday, 30 October 2011

VTES Card Artwork

After reading that the VEKN were looking for artists for a possible expansion set, I thought I'd have a go creating some artwork during TV series / movie downtime. For convenience, I thought the iPad would be the best thing to use and downloaded Sketchbook Pro an App I've had success with on my phone.

The next task was to decide on a card to create artwork for. One of my favourite cards (artwork and functionality) was the "Taste of Death" from the Final Nights set, unfortuantely this was was muted somewhat in following releases:

Hmm. This card deserved some justice and should rightly strike fear in the hearts of other methuselahs. So it seemed like the perfect choice — here's my attempt at it:

What I found quite interesting was the degree of detail required due to the size of the card. The image contains far more detail than is actually required — a lot of it's lost when printed and is only visible when zoomed onscreen. The turnaround time was fairly good (a couple of hours) and I believe a decent amount of time can be saved by spending less time detailing.

I imagine that artwork for vampires would require the detail as it occupies the majority of the card — so perhaps a vampire will be my next attempt. The other thing observed was the boldness required in terms of colour and linework (again due to the size of the card) — so that's definitely an area that I need to improve upon.

I'm not sure if I'll submit any cards to the VEKN, it depends on how much time I spend chilling out in front of the big square box. That said, I really like the idea of having artwork featured — that would be very cool indeed.

So, any suggestions for what card to target next?


  1. Great artwork! I love how you used the artwork as your wallpaper. It just fits.

    Looking forward to more of your artwork in the future.

    (PS - Care to add me to your blogroll? I've added you to mine.)

  2. Already done — was one of the first sites added ;)