Thursday, 22 November 2012

London VTES League — Week two

This is the second week of the London league, brief report below — we still need to decide on an end date. Also, the UK VTES nationals are on this weekend at our local haunt. Make it along if you can...

Game one:

MattScobax + hide the heart001
KeAuspex Gun Wall025
BorisTrue Brujah Tap n Bleed011
NorbertTrujah Tap n Bleed025
FernandoClasic Ventrue Law firm013
MaciejLow cap OBF DBR001

The first game turned out to be a 6 player table. Thankfully all the players kept the pace moving along briskly.

Some notable points, my prey (Boris) magic'd a Signet of King Saul vs my Melisande / Joaquin wall deck (so there wasn't much blocking happening there). My grand prey (Norbert's Trujah) bounced some of my preys side kick's bleeds back to me — they promptly ended up in torpor (including another rescuer).

Fernando's law firm earned a deserved VP after tempting his prey only untapped blocker (I had just contested his other — Victoria). Boris washed 3x of my Villeins (and a Haven Uncovered after being torporised — !? :). A first tradition hit the table and my prey went down to 1 pool for the lunge (it failed) although the turn after he bounced 3x bleeds for 1. A giant's blood allowed a severely weakened Norbert to secure a second VP ending the game in a draw by concede — 2 VP's each.

Game two:

KeCouncil of doom001
FernandoClassic Lawfirm00.52
BorisMata Hari Ravnos Clowncar00.52
MattScobax + Hide the Heart00.52
NorbertFakir al Sidi block / deep son01.54

I knew my prey (Fernando) was playing his lawfirm and I had few masters in hand, so decided I bring out Rafael de Corazon first. When my predator (Norbert) brought Fakir out, I figure I'd have maybe a turn to act. Fernando's lawfirm deck was pressuring Boris' Ravnos hard.  I managed to villein Rafael heavily before he was rushed and torporised. Across the table Matt was fishing for Huitzilopochtli while the Ravnos was "discretely" breeding and staying alive with con-boons.

I influenced Cybele out the slow way and managed to convince Norbert not to rush her, so I could put some pressure on the lawfirm. I villein 8, top deck a giant's blood and she became legendary — not too shabby. She bleed for 5 and was empty in torpor on my next turn.

By this stage Huitzilopochtli was in play and the Ravnos were out of range of the lawfirm. My predator had 4 minions out (3 with +bleed) one was caught by Hell's fury and the rest bled me out. Shortly afterwards the table timed out we were kicked out of the pub...

Don't forget the VTES UK Nationals are this weekend — bring it on!

Current Standings:


  1. Just a precision on the last game: the table didn't time out, we got kicked out of the pub :-P Maybe we should try to chain the games a bit faster if the first one takes too long.