Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The London League

So on Monday night we agreed that a league would be something cool to do.

It should encourage return visits and also provide an archive of the evolution of our play group. We typically have enough players for one table, at times two. In terms of scoring this is how it currently works:

  • 1 points for particpating in a game
  • 2 points for a VP
  • 3 points for a GW
  • Minimum four players to register

Game one:

BorisVentrue Grinder129
KeLasombra Blackhand013
NorbertSha-enu & Malgorzata001
FernandoGiovani powerbleed013
Matt put a protected resources in play on the first turn and it was a good thing as the low cap bleeders began their work. Fernando used Le Dinh Tho to great effect and ousted Matt briskly even with protected resources. I merely governed down as did my my predator (Boris) and we both soon had four minions out with dominate.

After his first oust Fernando was low on blood and pool (thanks to Matt's back ousting Lilly Preludes) — he was an easy oust for Norbert. Boris simply kept bleeding me for one (discouraging deflections), that and an Anarchist Uprising left me on 1 pool. Boris was comfortable with the head to head between me and him and on my last turn I lunged and ousted Norbert (9 pool or so). Boris then bled me out next turn (7 pool).

Game two:

MattAnu Zombies001
NorbertAnimalism / Abomwe013
FernandoVenture Lawfirm001
KeBlood Brothers1413
BorisMata hari Ravnos Breed Boon001
Matt had poor luck from the offset, with Norbert torporising his first minion on hist first attempted action? This encouraged Fernando to leave his Lawyer Ventrue in his uncontrolled region and gave me free reign. I was able to bleed Boris (lightly) for a couple of turns before he had any minions out and rescue Matt's first minion. Boris encourage Fernando to bring a minion out. He did, Democritus who was promptly famed and torpored before acting.

Fernando convinced Boris to rescue Democritus, assuring him he could handle the combat — he didn't and the fame ousted him when he was blocked by Norbert. I then ousted Boris and Norbert procceded to torporise my disposable minions — it didn't matter as I could rescue faster than he could torporise. After ousting Matt minion superiority won the day.

I'm not sure how long I'll keep the detailed-ish reporting up for — will see how time permits...

Current Standings:

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