Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Player Guide / Cheatsheet

Have had a couple of new players join and one of the things they struggled with the most was turn and combat sequencing. Including things like when to play an action vs an action modifier or even a reaction card.

So I put together a cheat sheet / new player guide which is clear and doesn't contain too much noise. It's not meant to be a replacement for the rules, but it should be enough for a new player to get up to speed with the core mechanics of the game and when to do what.

Has been picked up by the VEKN now and is also available here.

High quality A3 PDF: https://db.tt/x8Sp5wdV (11MB — recommended)

High quality A4 PDF: https://db.tt/eToTCTHk (11MB — two sheets)

150 DPI Images:

A3: https://db.tt/jxPGZCMh

A4: https://db.tt/2GtdDHAz and https://db.tt/Tx1dDhdj

This is open for discussion over at the VEKN forums here.

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