Monday, 24 August 2015

VTES Card Separators Redux

So the time came to tidy up the collection again. Since the last time this was done, I have acquired quite a few cards and the seemingly ever growing pile of chaff (half completed or destroyed decks) and purchased cards was as intimidating as ever. This also lead to inefficient eBay purchases — unnecessary buying cards I already had plenty of... Not cool.

As part of this process I needed to replace my tired card dividers. Whilst they have served me well for the last 3 - 4 years, some had disappeared, others had become damaged and some I had simply not bothered to print (am looking at you Abombwe). This posed an issue as they required special printing on photographic paper and I had since left that printer in the UK.

So I took the opportunity to redesign the separators. The first priority was to make them work with standard printers / A4 paper, the second was to make them most robust yet still use standard paper. The first problem was easily solved with a new layout. The second required a little more thinking, although the solution in hindsight was obvious — sleeve the divider.

Here's the end result:

I had plenty of shiny ultra-pro sleeves which I no longer used so this was the perfect use of them.

You can download PDF templates below:

Main VTES Separators PDF (1MB)

Sub VTES Separators PDF

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