Thursday, 15 October 2015

Quick Start Decks

One of the issue promoting the game to new players in New Zealand is the lack of stock available in the country. I have built up a decent amount of starter deck stock, however they're not that good and only offer so much in terms variety (we don't want everyone playing the same black hand decks!).

So we've built decks using a shared pool of cards that are designed to be competitive from out of the box and follow popular and proven archetypes. They're packaged in a basic cardboard box with a custom label and include a copy of the new player guide so they still feel more substantial than a stack of cards.

They're also proving quite useful as decks for players to just play or to use to demo with.

Here's all the decks created so far...


  1. Nice, very nice!

    How did you do the top cover of the card boxes? Just printed on paper, and then glued to the top of the box?

    1. The cardboard boxes were fairly cheap and I just found a good size:

      Diecut Box 100mm x 75mm x 37mm

      From there I just used a standard label sheet (8x labels per A4) the specs are:

      LC8 105 x 74mm A4 8 labels per sheet

      And another small label for out Meet up group: and the VEKN.

      The labels are available here (8MB):

      They could probably just be printed on an A4 sticker sheet and cut out.

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  3. This looks really great! Do you have list of cards in these decks, by the way?

  4. All right, I se it won't be possible sometime soon...

    1. There's no deck lists I'm afraid. They're just built as they go.