Monday, 25 July 2016

Library card redesign.

Have had a chance to take a shot at re-designing library cards.

This design works with the standard "boxed" image artwork on cards. So it should be possible to use all existing artwork with them. The core idea is to make them as clear and easy to understand as possible.


To print! — time to compare to actual cards:

Bummer, turns out the first few characters of the title are VERY important. Actually, this offers an opportunity to simplify the card further and reduce icon noise. Since we now name the card type we can drop the icon to make space for the title — this has the bonus effect of the player only having to match discipline icons. Win!


Based on peoples feedback. Here's the final (or near enough) versions.

The size of title has been increased and re-positioned. The side bar has been given character without being too in your face — it's also been given a worn timely feel in keeping with the general game vibe. The texture is also partial derived from the main image — although it's very subtle.

1 comment:

  1. Dude, you have got something there! ;)
    If Paradox goes for the reprint of the actual game, I hope they will think about doing some nice redesign like what you did.