Sunday, 11 December 2011

Last big VTES order — Thanks

I received a large delivery from this week and spent part of the weekend sorting out the cards. As usual, the service from Walch & Nusser was great. If you're based in Europe, you've only got the next few weeks to place an order with them — so make the most of it.

This will likely be the last large VTES order I place (asides from a few singles here and there). I grabbed a few extra starters to keep sealed for any friends that I may be able to introduce to the game. Would love to pick up a Keepers of Tradition booster — but have reconciled that I'll need to simply be patient and buy the key cards individually (Ashur Tablets, Deep Song, Enkil Cog etc)

Without Walch & Nusser or other European suppliers it's going to be quite hard for new players to pick up the game (especially at a competitive level) — they provided a valued service and will be missed.

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  1. It is too bad that they didn't print enough Twilight Rebellion or KoT and WAYYY too little HttB. As a business strategy it worked out, but it leaves a lot of players without the key cards from those sets when they are willing to pay reasonable prices for them.