Tuesday, 13 December 2011

VTES Tournament — London 7th January

There's another VTES Tournament happening early January at the Jugged Hare.

This time round I'm going to play a tried and tested deck — not an untested experimental one built the night beforehand. Anarch Free Press post: Tournament 7th January 2012 London

Hopefully it'll be possible to get a few 4 - 5 player games in before then (numbers were low last night) — if you've got easy access to Victoria Station (train / tube) come and join us! It's a relaxed atmosphere. We meet at 7PM and manage to fit in two 2 hour games in and finish up normally by 11PM — leaving plenty of time to
catch the tube / train home...


  1. Sorry for last night: I have just bought two big binders and was busy sorting my vampires. After one night, I am only at Brujah ;-(

  2. No worries — at least there were three of us. Hopefully see you next week...