Friday, 2 December 2011

Villein Errata — Updated 2012 tournament rules

The official tournament rules for 2012 have been released. The most topical aspect is a tweak to Villein designed to bring minion taps back into play:
Master: trifle. Put this card on a vampire you control and move 2 or more blood from that vampire to your pool. Minion Tap cards cost { you } an additional pool. Villein costs an additional pool to play on this vampire.
Another notable change is support for the upcoming fan set:
Section 4.1 Cards allowed:
Cards allowed All cards in a player's deck must be genuine Vampire: The Eternal Struggle or Jyhad cards or official V:EKN issued cards from the only authoritative source When using V:EKN issued cards they must be color printed on standard paper and inserted into opaque sleeves before another Vampire: The Eternal Struggle or Jyhad card, this requires opaque sleeves for the whole crypt and/or library. 
The complete rulings for 2012 are available here: Rules Team Rulings 02-DEC-11

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